Just for Nurses

Many of my nurse friends complain about being on their feet all day. Running around a hospital or standing at a bedside can put pressure on the lower back in addition to sore feet. After trying Nurse Mates shoes, many of them have become believers.nurse-mates-quincy2

One of the versions some of my friends seem to like is a Mary Jane style shoe called Quincy. This shoe is great for having to run from one place to another. It won’t fall off but allows for plenty of airflow to keep feet feeling fresh. They can be worn with socks or even stockings depending on personal preference. The insole is memory foam, so it will feel great even if you have ache support needs. The upper strap is adjustable, making it a better fit for many.

The other shoe that seem to be popular is a clog style called Marci. This shoe is really comfortable and stays in place quite well. The upper leather is stain resistant, a nice feature to find in a white shoe made for nurses. This shoe also has the memory foam insole for extra comfort.nurse-mates-clog2

Of course, these shoes aren’t really just for nurses. These would be perfect for going to and from yoga. They are wonderful for around the house when you don’t want to have to tie your shoe but a sandal just isn’t feasible. I’ve even worn them around the mall when I knew I would need to extra padding for an all day shopping spree. The uses for these shoes doesn’t just stop at nursing, they are useful for many other occupations and activities. Besides, who can resist a shoe with a cute little heart on the side?


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