Marsupial Madness

When I was a kid, I was all about shoes that could multi-task.  I’d head up to 7-11 and buy four nickel candies, carrying nothing more than two shiny dimes slipped into my “penny loafers.”  I loved to slide notes from my mom under my heel and fasten friendship pins to my laces so it was no wonder when KangaROOS became a fad in the mid 1980’s, I was overwhelmed with excitement.

Here was a shoe that could carry my change and style my feet.  In my Roos, I carried change, sometimes a small lip gloss, notes to friends or tiny trinkets I gathered during my grade school wanderings. The pockets were tight, could not hold much, but they were still a concept any kid that spent days knocking on floor boards, hoping to find hidden passages, could get behind.

For years, I wondered about those Roos.  Why were they so popular?  Had they gone the way of the Jello Pudding Pop?  But it was not until recently, I decided to find my answer.

Turns out?  They are still around, some even now sporting ankle pouches that can hold cargo as big as a wallet.  Kind of genius, really.  I hate when I am running, thirsty and sans change.

Another new development?  The old school foot pouches are big enough to hold grade school ramblings as well as something much more adult.  Yes, grown-ups use their Roos for discrete condom pouches. I am not sure I would be thrilled if my only means of birth control was pulled from a tiny zippered pouch on the side of my boyfriend’s shoe, but hey, at least Roos are promoting safe sex.

Here are the old-school wonders in all their glory:


They are just like I remember: oh-so-girly, sporting a 1970’s era sole that begs the wearer to don sweatbands and hot pant jogging shorts.

In a world complicated by recessions, wars and general adulthood, it is great to know that some fads never die.  Now if only I knew what happened to those damn pudding pops.


1 Response to “Marsupial Madness”

  1. 1 Wendy Toth
    January 27, 2009 at 5:18 am

    OMG. My mom used to give me 25 cents for the pay phone (!) at the mall, to tell her when I was ready for my ride home. I’d always slip it in my Roos for safe keeping.

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