Designer Profile: Abel Munoz

So I may have mentioned a few times how Boston is not the fashion capital of the U.S.  City of snow, city of black-iced sidewalks, city of the comfortable Ugg-booted commute.  Don’t get me wrong, I moved back here from New York so I could wear a sweatshirt to the grocery store without receiving glares.  But sometimes riding the subway does get a little…demoralizing.

ama-0051The good news is that our neighbors to the north are our cousins in crime.  Badly patterned rubber boots, plastic-y shoes, Lacroix boots dragged through salted snow, Toronto designer Abel Munoz has seen it all.  And he wants to fix us.  Canada’s most fashionable Costa Rican import is ready to hit the U.S. stores any second with his line of tango-inspired modern classics.  Mixing the eclectic with the traditional, his latest collection features graphic platforms, gladiator heels, and booties you’ll think twice about dragging through the sleet.  Oh, and have you ever seen ama-00421shoes like these red ones before?  They were inspired by the female torso, says Munoz.  The designer’s other career as an art director for Canadian fashion mags FQ and Sir ensures his designs stay progressive and unique. 

I know what you’re thinking, Boston students–how can one wear such shoes and pay rent too?  Fear not–while the shoes may carry hefty price tags (prices start at $350 and can go beyond $1,000), Munoz’s creations are meant to be investments.  “I want to develop signature pieces that will last and be relevant for years to come,”  says Munoz.  “New designs with a classic inclination.”  We’re on board with that.  Saks, are you listening?

abel-munoz1Abel Munoz’s designs are available to U.S. shoppers at www.abelmunozaccessories.com.  Canadian shoppers can also find his shoes at Ron White stores (www.ronwhite.ca).


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