Walk Softly…

My gorgeous roommie handed me a pair of navy blue velvet slippers adorned with hand-beaded dragons. They were a gift for the Chinese New Year, but I was puzzled by their easy elegance when we were entering the year of the tirelessly hard-working, levelheaded ox.

My roommie, who’s first generation American-born Chinese, said slippers are a tradition, regardless of the animal we’re honoring. New slippers at the start of the New Year will bring you good fortune, and even better, when you wear them around the house, you’re spiritually stomping on those who gossip about you.

That got me thinking of mine as a comforting psychic protector, taking on the persona of a femme fatale in an invisible world of shoe-driven spiritual battles. I started wondering about other slippers that might make good karmic defenders and decided to troll eBay in homage to the economical ox.

1millionFirst I found these Raquel Welch in One Million Years BC-esque alpaca wool beauties.barbarellaslips

Next I was thinking futuristic and found Barbarella-worthy silver slip-ons, whether we’re talking the Jane Fonda version or the up-and-coming Rose McGowan remake.silver1

Finally I found cozy velvet bedroom slip-ons from J.Crew, perfect for a quiet night at home after a long day of triple-agenting for Alias’ Sydney Bristow, played by the preppy, pretty Jennifer Garner.jcrew1

Gossip girls beware, or beat me to these auctions!


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