Heels for a Fit and Fiesty Lifestyle

“Blah, blah, and yuck,” I thought as I roamed around the racks of shoes in my sensible elk Sorels. My parents had offered to buy some winter dress shoes for Christmas but not even the hipster place with those Ed Hardy Snowblazers had anything that piqued my attention.

Now before you jump to conclusions based on my barefoot behavior, let me assure you that I am not opposed to high heels. In fact, in between multiple pairs of men’s shoes in my closet, there’s a pair of sparkling silver, strappy platforms that should just never be worn in the snow. And, as much as I adore my Fluevog Grand National Corsets, their distinctive silhouette doesn’t mesh with many of my evening gowns.

Mom understood that I was searching for something that combined the funky flair of a Fluevog with Louboutin’s elegance. Given my love shaking and swirling on a dance floor, they also should be engineered like a Nike Air Zoom Vomero. Alas, it is not so simple to design something sexy for a fit and fiesty lifestyle.

After hours of fruitless shopping, I was hemorrhaging hope. I was on the verge of purchasing something uninspired when my mom sagely remarked., “You aren’t going to wear them if they aren’t comfortable and you don’t really like them.” Knowing she is usually right, I agreed to one more store.

Via Spiga Niki

Via Spiga Niki

When I spotted the Via Spiga Niki’s, I was smitten with their contrasting cap toes and suede uppers. I was not sold, though, until I tried them on.

At first, I could not articulate why they felt so different from all the others that afternoon. As I pivoted around in front of the mirror, it suddenly hit me. Their padded sole is shaped to subtly rock your weight back onto the sturdy 3.5 inch heel as you stand reducing stress on the calves, arches, and toes. As luck would have it, they were on sale for less than the bland things I had almost bought.

We were barely out of the store before friends and strangers began gushing over them. Several weeks of theater openings and holiday events later, I am amazed at how energized my feet and legs feel at the end of an evening. Not even a single blister to report. Thanks Mom and Dad!


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