From Slush to South Beach!

blackgambitEvery few weeks, I get to travel on “business trips” – which is effectively a long weekend getaway to some way-more-glam-than me locale – all under the guise of traveling the world to elicit more knowledge about the world of beauty and style.

This past weekend, such a trip brought me to the Ganesvoort South in Miami Beach – and I was beside myself. Not so much by the trip itself – though that was a fabulous excitement – but by, in the snowy depths of winter – suddenly breaking out summer trendiness, all with winter sensibilities.

I say sensibilities because traveling is itself a fashion consideration. When one heads from snowy New York to sunny Florida, they will most likely be wearing the same shoes the entire journey. You enter the airport in 30 degrees, you leave in 80 – but it’s not like you are bringing an aerial wardrobe change. (Well, you can, but I over-pack enough.)

For me, my goal was to wear a pair of shoes that while nonsensible for my destination, would get me there and home. And, as an added bonus, would look hot with at least one of my nighttime ensembles.

This is a taller order than it may appear, and thus I decided on my tallest shoes – my Penny Loves Kenny Gambit Suede boots.

Now, when going to 75+-degree temps, high suede boots may seem odd – but in late January, even South Beach has chilly nights! The boots were perfect for the chill I was leaving – and added great flair to the little black dresses I wore to all the local night spots.

Was I sunning in them by day? Obviously not – that’s what flip flops are for. But when trying to pack economically, my favorite boots were as reliable as always.


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