He May Not Be Into Me, But I’m So Not Into Their Shoe Selection

On Tuesday, I saw the screening of He’s Just Not That Into You. I urge you to run (not walk—consider it cardio) to your nearest theatre. If you live in Baltimore, you will be excited to see that Jennifer Aniston’s character has an apartment overlooking the Domino Sugar sign and that many of the characters live in the up and coming Brewers Hill neighborhood. What’s more is that Baltimore looks like the coolest place to live, work and play.

The movie is equipped with beautiful row homes, brick clad lofts, a 2008_havaianas_garden_branchappening bar scene, and even a faux McCormick Spice Company. The only thing the producers truly missed the mark on, was Baltimore foot wear.

I get it. Baltimore has cold winters, and the movie mentions it more than once. However, true Baltimoreans live for the summer. In February we invest in our Dewey Beach shares, rent condos for the Fourth of July, and if you are anything like me, buy about 4 bridesmaids dresses for Chesapeake Boat themed weddings.

We wear madras print like it is going out of style and layer or polo’s until we resemble Santa. And on our feet, we wear flip-flops. We wear them in the summer when it is appropriate, and we wear them in the winter when people assume that our toes must have done something horribly wrong to be subject to freezing cold temperatures. Our flip-flops are even multifunctional. For instance, I keep a pair in my car at all times. After the ice storm last Wednesday, they served as a snow scraper.

So while you are admiring the movie’s preppy clothes, pay no attention to those boots and Mary Janes that are paraded throughout the movie. Baltimoreans wear flip-flops and I am 99% sure that if Natty Boh had feet, he would too.


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