Heidi Says Shoes

heidi-saysI’m doing laps around the adorably chic HeidiSays Shoes salon in San Francisco and the first thing I fall in love with is the store’s name, not to mention the fact that there’s a sale sign in the window.  I’ve never been the bossy type, but this particular moniker has me wondering if I might have more luck if I uttered the phrase “Simons says” before giving orders. As in, Simons says pick up your wet towels, put the toilet seat down and carry me over your broad shoulder when my stilettos prove too painful. But I digress.

It turns out owner Heidi Sabelhaus and I speak the same language when it comes to style. This boutique serves up the latest from familiar favorites like Giuseppe Zanotti, Bettye Muller, Michael Kors and the two Cynthias (Rowley and Vincent). The flirty selection spans everything from chunky wedges and embellished ballet flats to dressy heels. Most of the women who shop here prove that there is only type of shopper in Pac Heights: she who approaches fashion feet first, often building an entire wardrobe around one visually arresting pairs of shoes. Among them are my cousins and friends who live and play in the neighborhood. Of course, this is where Sabelhaus’s other stores, located just steps away on Fillmore Street (Heidi Says and Heidi Says Casual) come in handy. Simons says knock yourself out, ladies.

Heidi Says Shoes, 2105 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, 415-409-6850


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