Wrap star

The first time that I saw a pair of ankle wrap sandals, they were on the feet of a particularly cool and willowy model I’d recently met at a photo shoot. She was walking her impossibly small dog, her coltishness accentuated by mile-long legs swathed in a miniskirt at one end and grey suede sandals at the other. I was immediately green with envy.


Go Jane's suede ankle wrap toe strap sandal

Go Jane's suede ankle wrap toe strap sandal

Part strappy, part bootie, the sandals are a perfect schizophrenic storm. They shouldn’t work, but — like open-toe platform boots — they do. It might be because they balance high and low (delicate soles and elegant toe loops or thongs with a slouchy width of fabric or leather at the ankle), or because they are at once comfy and sexy. Few items of clothing can do that. A perfectly faded pair of Levis, maybe. Or a thin, floaty sundress. 



Ankle wrap sandals kind of fit in that beachy, free-spirited, “oh, this old thing?” category. They’re cool without trying too hard and unusual without being outright weird. Sienna Miller would wear them (if she doesn’t already, she should: They’re the warm-weather answer to those slouchy Vivienne Westwood pirate boots Miller has been rocking for the past couple years), but Charlotte Gainsbourg (in her perfectly overgrown bangs, skinny jeans and billowy scarf) could also pull them off.


Chinese Laundry Sudoku at Zappos

Chinese Laundry Sudoku at Zappos



Certain versions of these sandals boast an “ankle sock” — this is not to be confused with the classic socks-with-sandals fashion don’t. (It is worth noting that bloggers like Fashion Toast and Fashion Key are all over the ankle socks and high heels sandals trend-in-the-making.) 


Bahia Jersey Sandal from Free People

Bahia Jersey Sandal from Free People

Here, the toes are bare (the better to boast your coral and pale pink polished pedicure), the shoe is easy going, the wrap is arty-cool tempered with a touch of happy-go-lucky hippy. What could be more summery than that?


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