One is always sexiest when they know how to walk!

pelamodaFashionistas across the city will tell you that they live for Fashion Week: Those actually involved in it will tell you they actually sort of dread it.

Day in, day out, for a little over a week, the media involved will hardly sleep as they pop from runway to party to next runway to next party – often without so much as time for a wardrobe change, let alone a nap.

One morning early last week called on me visiting the very exclusive penthouse of celebrity stylist Robert Verdi, to sit down to breakfast and chat about all things celebrity, trends, and breakfast buns. As he’s pretty huge in the biz, I didn’t want to give him anything to gossip about after I left, and brought out my new beloved stilettos – Pelle Moda Women’s Doheny Open-Toe from Endless.com.

Paired with my uniform of little black dress and chunky sterling jewels, it offered just enough of a color splash to depict my personality – and just enough height that i felt empowered and, well, important enough to be breakfasting with Robert Verdi.

I stepped off the elevator, and saw smiling faces before me. I walked toward them, smile and wave, and took a quick cursory glance at my outfit, making sure I was well-coiffed…

And walked face-first into a glass door.

Suddenly, I was a whole lot more Bridget Jones then Carrie Bradshaw.


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