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CoCoNa: Get Fit Without the Funk

Ladies, we need to address a noxious problem polluting public places everywhere. It is a sour side effect of exercise and exertion that can strike when you are prepping for plies in pink ballet slippers or storming the dance floor in your Miss Sixty Cuban Heels. Yes, I am talking about the dreaded funky feet, that not-so-fresh foot odor able to flatten folks across the room.

Do coconuts make good scents in these sneakers?

Do coconuts make good scents in these sneakers?

Now what if I, your Fitness Footwear Guru, told you there was a fruit infused fabric that could help you banish your stinky sole blues? That’s right, while attending a rehearsal for Anne Howarth’s Horn Recital at Tufts University a few weeks ago, I stumbled onto a sweet scented, secret weapon in column by Caryn Horowitz .

CoCoNa is an eco-friendly fiber forged from incinerated coconut shells that otherwise would be destined for a landfill. In my quest to keep you cooler, I tested claims that it neutralizes odors and evaporates moisture.

For my research, I trudged through soppy, slush covered sidewalks in a pair of New Balance’s 1063s with a COCONA™ PHANTOM LINER™ and let them air dry. I taught multiple Modern classes at Impulse Dance Center and then stuffed my acrid tootsies back into them. I sweat through several 6 hour-long rehearsals for Actors’ Shakespeare Project’s Coriolanus in them (with and without socks).

And yet, somehow they still have that fresh from the box scent, which is no small feat. Until I whipped off a pair of boots on Friday night and got a foul whiff of my socks, I had not realized exactly how hard New Balance’s 1063s had been working. So ladies, be sure to sniff out footwear labels with CoCoNa for all your fitness needs. (Oh, and if  you need to know more about New Balance’s 1063s, check in with me next Tuesday.)


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