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My Feet Are Resilient

10942-764493-p1I had an Elaine moment today. (You know, from Seinfeld?) There was that episode when she was walking down a New York City street late at night. The faces didn’t look friendly. Her head was aching. Her heart was broken. As horrible as the rest of her appeared and felt, her feet were … resilient, as she put it. Thank goodness she was wearing those Himalayan hiking boots from the J. Peterman catalog.

Today, my heart felt a little broken. (Boys!) I woke up to a dreary day. Rain on the ground is never a good thing for shoes. I was so tired from all of the packing, moving and unpacking I’ve had to do the last few days. I was cranky.

I was walking to work feeling every bit irate — nothing was going well for the love of God — I complained in my head that no one looked cheery, the rain kept me from wearing my fabulous new flats, an evil male (I think) showed his true (not-so-good) colors. What gives? But my feet, on the other hand — my feet were resilient, not to mention way cute, in these Ed Hardy Rainie Boots (on sale for $96.26 at

As bad as the rest of my life was unfolding, at least I had warm, dry toes. Men schmen. Rain, I can handle you. Whatever, grouchy bystanders. My rain galoshes are enough to bring me up even the slightest bit. Thanks, Ed Hardy.


Spring Pumps of the Stars

marc-jacobs-star-pumps1Nothing kicks off the post-winter revelries better than a Spring soiree.

If you’re not hosting your own, at least make plans to attend a socialite function (or two) for no other reason than to show off your latest ensemble. And (of course) give yourself an excuse to explore the shoe racks.

These Marc by Marc Jacobs Star Pumps are decked out in bright red stars to make a star out of you for the day’s affairs. You’ll get more than a spring in your step with these stark white shoes that are yearning for attention this sunny season.

Pair these up with a too-short skirt for the ultimate debut at the Spring soiree. Teeter along in these 4” angular heels for stiletto-heights without the pain; these are an uber-comfortable pair that will soon become a crowd favorite.

Plus, you’ll have a backup plan for Fourth of July events right around the corner.


Too Hot to Trot

As I sprinted through the shoe department of Selfridges on my way to the food hall – ok, I admit it was a bit of a detour on what was supposed to be a mercy-dash to feed an army of hungry friends . . . but every girl needs a regular shoe fix, right? – I was halted in my tracks by the most heavenly looking pair of shoes.

geisha-print1Not just any shoes I might add – although it’s hard to describe many of the shoes in Selfridges as ‘just shoes’ – but the most achingly hot, hot, hot, deliciously different, geisha-print Jonathan Kelsey pair that would look totally at home on any red carpet. I can’t imagine where I would wear them, all pink, and white and cutesy and totally impractical, but lets face it, when shoes look this good who thinks about practicalities. They could quite easily languish in the packaging forever . . . a Pandora’s box of girliness for grown-ups to be relished in moments of glumness or despair, but OMG, wouldn’t they make you feel better about life!
Heralded as the British ‘Louboutin,’ Jonathan Kelsey is whipping up a storm with his new Spring 09 collection. Ok, so he comes with masterful credentials for one so young, having trained with ‘the Choo’ himself, as well as doing seasons with Gina and Cacharel and successfully collaborating with Mulberry and Emilio Pucci, but with his unmistakably sexy and intelligent designs (inspired by cult films such as Edward Scissorhands allegedly!) he couldn’t fail to leave a lasting impression. Feast your eyes on just a few of his creations below, or check out the entire range at





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