My Feet Are Resilient

10942-764493-p1I had an Elaine moment today. (You know, from Seinfeld?) There was that episode when she was walking down a New York City street late at night. The faces didn’t look friendly. Her head was aching. Her heart was broken. As horrible as the rest of her appeared and felt, her feet were … resilient, as she put it. Thank goodness she was wearing those Himalayan hiking boots from the J. Peterman catalog.

Today, my heart felt a little broken. (Boys!) I woke up to a dreary day. Rain on the ground is never a good thing for shoes. I was so tired from all of the packing, moving and unpacking I’ve had to do the last few days. I was cranky.

I was walking to work feeling every bit irate — nothing was going well for the love of God — I complained in my head that no one looked cheery, the rain kept me from wearing my fabulous new flats, an evil male (I think) showed his true (not-so-good) colors. What gives? But my feet, on the other hand — my feet were resilient, not to mention way cute, in these Ed Hardy Rainie Boots (on sale for $96.26 at Zappos.com).

As bad as the rest of my life was unfolding, at least I had warm, dry toes. Men schmen. Rain, I can handle you. Whatever, grouchy bystanders. My rain galoshes are enough to bring me up even the slightest bit. Thanks, Ed Hardy.

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