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Commuter Shoes: good, bad, or just heinously ugly?

dress-sneakersWhether you’re rushing down escalator stairs to catch a train, or scurrying 10 blocks to your next meeting, there comes a time when the dreaded “commuter shoes” are a necessary evil.

When I first moved to D.C., I would shudder when I saw women out and about in suits with their tootsies clad in big ‘ole white tennis shoes–ugh, gross. Could dress shoes really be that painful? I just didn’t get it.

Next thing you know, I started my new job complete with a six block hike to the metro, several escalators, and some killer marble stairs. Needless to say, I was eating my words on “commuter shoes” as fast as the sidewalks were eating my Jimmy Choos.  Was I destined to a life of bulky tennies? After doing some research on the metro (I find metro rides a good time to check out shoes, because there’s seriously no where to look but down),  I noticed that not everyone had bad commuter shoes: some were actually really cute. From ballet flats to flip flops to Ugg boots–a girl does have options!   

Five years and three jobs later, I find I rarely leave home without my commuter shoes. And for the record, it’s not a comfort issue, it’s for the sake of your soles!


1063s to Balance Reality’s Variety

Run, swing, dodge, windmill around. Jump, spin, fall, roll up from the ground. Oh yeah, I have heard others proclaim that life isn’t a rehearsal but lately my days have been saturated with intense prep sessions for Actors’ Shakespeare Project’s Coriolanus.

New Balance's 1063's

New Balance's 1063's

Act one opens with a raucous riot of angry plebeians armed with rusty wrenches, rakes, and hoes followed by waves of battle scenes that keep the entire ensemble on their toes. No, it is not as grueling as the Boston Marathon, but it is an endurance event of a different sort…especially during the endless repetition of  rehearsals.

As the choreographer, I have battled with bucklers, scaled makeshift scaffolding in a rolling cage fight, and taught people how to fling themselves over someone’s shoulder and flip off their back. From the earliest audition it was clear that I would need an extremely versatile bunch of actors and a tremendously supportive pair of sneakers to survive this creative mission. Thank goodness for my New Balance 1063s and an enthusiastic cast of amazing movers, especially Benjamin Evett, Ted Hewlett, Hannah Husband, Curt Klump, Alex LaFrance, Rob Najarian, Maurice Emmanual Parent, Joel Perez, Eric Rollins, Noah Tuleja, and Jerrell Lee Wesley .

These featherweight running shoes effortlessly absorbed the shock of my recent spate of stage fights. New Balance’s sensational Dynamic Traction System has rescued my bones on more than one occasion when my big ideas, like leaping off a 6 foot ledge, haven’t been so easy. My footing has been secure even on the slightly slick, but nevertheless scrumptiously resurfaced, Somerville Armory floor.

By now, you have probably already read my raving endorsement of the 1063’s CoCoNa Phantom Liner technology. After all, no one enjoys being assaulted by foul smelling feet. One of my other favorite details, however,  will have to wait as I must run off to today’s tech. Don’t fret as I will fill you in next Tuesday.

Until then you can vote for favorites of your own in the Boston Phoenix Readers’ Poll. Did I mention that both my dance company, Monkeyhouse, and Actors’ Shakespeare Project have been nominated? (Hint, hint.)

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