My feet are moving…to the spa!

I am going off to a spa weekend in about 12 hours, and thus will be wearing my flip flops despite the remaining winter chill.

About a year ago, I was returning from a similar trip, to Miami Beach, and as I was sashaying through the airport, my gorgeous bowed velvet flip flops snapped right in half on my feet.

In the moments after I heard the snap, I looked down at my feet – to see the flip of my flop had flopped. The once-adorable rhinestone-encrusted bow, now hanging, a dismembered limb. I was devastated. They truly had been my very favorite pair of footwear. (Yes, despite being, indeed, flip flops.)

Much like warriors in combat, I didn’t even get a chance to mourn my fallen comrade. I had a plane to catch! Yet…I had to get to the plane on one shoe, with my other footwear all packed in baggage. Thank God I’m a beauty editor.

In a moment of desperation, I removed my scrunchie from my hair, and wrapped it around my shoe, securing it with a loop around my big toe. It was moderately successful – it allowed me to walk and looked ridiculous, but got me onto the plane without having to hop … too much.

Still, even though over six months have passed…I think about those lost shoes constantly, and have been desperate for a way to replace them.

jamiekflatsTruth be told, I have a bit of a fetish for this type of sandals – whether one calls them a thong or whatever else, I have close to two dozen pairs, and even some deigned as “formal” and others as “casual”. I figured, for a fancy spa escape, I should definitely break out the best of them – and turned to NY-based designer Jamie Kreitman’s fabulously adorable footwear. More specifically, I turned to these awesome velvet heirloom wedges at left.

They are super similar to the dearly departed flops of last summer, yet with a a bit of additional bling – perfect for my rock goddess persona. And, knowing they come from a NY fashionista to another NY fashionista…well, that just makes them a little bit more cool. Let’s hope I don’t kill them this time.


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