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Ana and Ana

In this economy I don’t know anyone who’s not strapped for cash and looking for a job. Those days where friends would hit the mall just perusing for something unnecessary are gone, at least for my clique. However today is an exception.

It was a coworker’s birthday a few days ago so we’re visiting the mall. I am pretty close to her and even though we are the most different people ever, we get along quite effortlessly. Prior to the outing I said to myself I am going to take her to MAC and get her a makeover and then not buy anything other than the necessary products to get the free make over… But somewhere between the blush application and the glimmer of the perfect lip gloss selection I end up in the shoe department. Go figure, it’s my natural calling.

349057950_19daf3b7621I am now navigating through the beautiful displays of Giuseppe’s and Jimmy Choo’s and saying to myself don’t look, keep walking. That whole plan goes out the window when I’m face to face with the most sensual and stunning pair of ankle boots. It’s love at first sight, the kind that makes your heart skip a beat and hope you brought your back up American Express. I can’t help but at least touch it. Inspecting it closer, I realize the perfectly crafted stitching, the soft inner lining and then my mind starts to wonder: should I just try it on? It’s my size. Why not? Perfect heel, not too tall but high enough to make my calf look lean and toned, two buckles on the top to give it enough bad girl appeal, and the semi round/pointy toe; I am speechless at such beautiful creation.
It’s the beginning of the end. I’m asking for the mate, and thinking of where I can wear them. Of course, there is the good angel/ bad angel talking in my head. I look at the box one more time. These boots have my name written all over them! I don’t say that figuratively, literally the boot is called Ana. Our first outing will be in NYC this weekend. I found my twin.

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Coyote Not Ugly


I truly believe that if I search the world over for a particular shoe or boot, based entirely on a design in my head, that in whatever city I find them, I should settle. And so, here I am, living in Berlin.

For the past two years I have been looking for a cross between an engineer boot and a biker boot. The engineer boot, rounded toe and lower heel, brings a little something feminine, while the square-toed biker boot offers the rocker element. Despite what I thought, they were not easy to find.

After searching vintage shops, dry goods stores and the high streets in Toronto, New York, London, Paris and Barcelona my prayers were answered by the buyers for Saloon Boots in the Kreuzberg neighborhood of Berlin.

Established some 22 years ago, Saloon Boots caters to the cowboy in all of us, and more recently it seems, the hard-edged engineer. Stocking brands like Blundstone and Coyote, their selection wouldn’t necessarily take you to a black-tie affair, but you’d be in good company after-hours with the bartender, smoking in the basement.


Terminator: Style Resurrection

sarah_connor_lindaNot yet the buff soldier she’s destined to become, but so unselfconsciously sexy, Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor in The (original) Terminator, has me finally reveling in this 80’s revival. A few of us dusted off the old VHS in anticipation of Terminator Salvation. We found everything we weren’t expecting: a seriously hot romance, spookily choppy effects that only amped up the novelty, hip jackets we’d scoop up in a second and the sneakers, by God, the sneakers. After spending a scene idly wondering how much of Sarah Connor’s wardrobe I could approximate at American Apparel, I knew it was time to embrace the decade I’ve been avoiding. I’m just debating between low and ladylike in classic Tretorns from Ebay’s ReRun Shoes store,65093377_tpthese vintage Ralph Laurens,239071391_tp or these Nike Cortez from ReRun Shoes.205040293_tp
I might go the high top route too. Since these were futuristic in the 80s and now they’re retro, they embody the time traveling prequel/sequel dynamic of the new Terminator movie (I’ll stop before the sci fi geek in me gets off topic). My top high top picks are hot Reeboks from Rerun Shoes again,239071142_tpNike All Courts,584c_1gold Reeboks!bodnkqmkkgrhgookkmejllmvusbjsyi5e4w_1

And possibly the raddest Nikes of all (Bonus: 99 cents at time of posting). boqqshwmkkgrhgoh-coejlllfz3lbjtvlsnj2_1

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