Spend Wisely on Your Wardrobe

shopping1It’s easy to feel glum with this incessant talk of economic distress, but there’s another side to all of this from a fashion perspective. Shopping during tight economic times can lead to an impeccably well-edited wardrobe, plus it’s a prime opportunity for us to cultivate wiser spending habits. Here’s how to make it happen: Do not shop stores that have ridiculously strict return policies (buyer’s remorse is an ugly thing). Get serious about shopping and fly the course solo—it’s easy to be influenced by girlfriends who live vicariously through your purchases or tell you everything looks good on you (we’re sure it does, but that doesn’t mean you have to own these items). Go shopping with an empty wallet. No cards. No cash. No checkbook. Your mission is to refrain from buying a single thing unless you love, love, love it. The true test will be whether or not the thought of those strappy sandals lingers on your memory after you’ve set foot in your closet and picked out three to five existing outfits that you can wear with them. Shoppers often become overwhelmed with the urge to take something—sometimes anything— home with the underlying promise of a new, more beautiful self. Once you learn to break your dependency on the mood-lifting feeling that comes with buying (it’s the same dopamine secretion in the brain that athletes refer to as a “runner’s high”), and really focus on the item at hand, you’ll find that your wardrobe and your bank account will be the better for it.


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