Eco Can be Fun!

I might have mentioned it before, but the only thing green about me is the wad of cash I whip out at the end of the night to pay my bar tab. Recycling is confusing: Is this Lean Cuisine box recyclable or simply trash? Is it the second or third Tuesday after a holiday weekend when the trash guys pick-up?bjl

However, when it comes to shoes—I say bring on the hand me downs, especially when the hand me downs are never-been-worn duds from specialty boutiques all over Baltimore. That’s right it is time for the Baltimore Junior League Boutique sale. Last year I scored 6 pairs of shoes retailing for over $2,500 for under $200! If you are a popular shoe size (7-8) I urge you to splurge and attend the pre-party preview. I promise it will be worth the extra dough. Mark your calendars for March 27th-28th. For more information and to buy tickets please click here.

And just in case you needed a reason for buying a new pair of shoes, I have listed a few below:

1. Opening Day is April 6th and you can’t be seen at the biggest networking event of the year in last season’s shoes.
2. Because you still want to lose some winter weight and refuse to buy spring pants until you do. Thank goodness feet can’t get fat.
3. For Christians, new Easter shoes—God would want it that way. For everyone else—to show off your new spring pedicure.

Actually, that sounds like three new pairs of shoes to me. Good bye tax refund, hello style!


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