Getting Geeky Chic

I’m all about perfecting nerdy chic this week. Why yes, I did get new glasses. I splurged for an on-sale pair of clear-framed Oliver Peoples (That’s Zoe Deschanel in their new campaign. She’s got an adorable line of sunglasses too).zooey_deschanel_oliver_peoples1-thumb-430x354 I thought mine were a little much at first, but when the sales girl said, “They’re so nerdy. You have to get them.” I knew what she meant. They’re sort of Nelly Yuki meets Raleigh St. Clair. I love them.

The problem now is getting dressed without going into nerdy-hip overload or worse, veering too far in the other direction: schoolgirl-themed-Britney Spears.

17dd_1The solution: unstudied cool booties. I figure I can pair something like these classy black suede ankle boots with skinny jeans (P.S. $5 at posting time) and the new specs.

fc03_1Nine West slouchy booties have an even more dramatic, Oh, I just threw these on. What’s that? You like my glasses too? They’re nothing. I simply didn’t have the patience for contacts today! vibe. Plus, the seller’s got a few pairs and in two different colors.

mt-freemont-blk-1EBay boutique The Shoe Guy has quite a few of these understated Fremont Shooties from Me Too with just the right cut. They’d look smashing with glasses, or anything.

5178_1Finally these vintage Evanise ankle boots, definitely err on the side of ridiculously sexy. But I’ll make an exception. They’re fantastic.

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