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Love That Dirty Water

Boston is famous for its Autumn, the time of year when the warm weather turns crisp, the air smells like smoke and the leaves go from green to gold to red to brown.  It is spectacular.

We also have two other seasons.  Summer is hot, sticky and often miserable and winter is worse with the two feet of snow we get weekly and fights with our neighbors over how we shovel.  But it is this time of year, the time between late March and mid-May that stirs the most controversy among my fellow Beantown dwellers.

Do we have a spring?  Or is it, as I prefer, merely the “muddy tweener season?”   And if it is the latter, what shoes should we wear to brave the muck, but also bridge the gap between our Bean boots and our Havianas?

These shoes may not seem perfect:


But they are.  Here’s why: canvas shoes only soak in the mud, which is find if you want them to remain brownish and gunky–great for Converse or some other cheap sneaker, but leather holds up better in the muck.  Additionally, the weight is evenly distributed, so you will not come home with a heel covered in mud and a the new fun task of whacking mud from the space between the heel and the rest of the shoe.

Just a warm cloth and these babies will be clean in no time.  Best of all?  You can wear them barefoot, anticipating the summer weather, which will arrive before you know it.

Add some socks and these shoes do Autumn, too.


Goddess-Inspired Luxe


It’s not easy to find shoes or sandals that complement your dressed-to-the-nines ensemble sans heels, but there are exceptions to the rule.

Case in point; these eye-catching gladiator-inspired sandals from Juicy Couture .

These elegant sandals provide plenty of support with the double buckle ankle straps and wide studded straps are perfect for the dance floor on that Spring Break soiree, and the zipper at the back of the heel lets you slip in and out of these at a moment’s notice. Perfect for those evenings on the beach after a long night of revelries.

Plus, you’ve got the comfort factor. Soft leather lining and supersoft ankle straps don’t just hold your feet in place, they give them a luxurious kiss. Gold, silver or chocolate brown; the choice is yours; one of each couldn’t hurt, especially if you’re planning on sporting a few Romanesque gowns this season.

So if you’re anxious to play the Grecian goddess this year and want to say goodbye to heels for just one night, I suggest you pair yourself up with some of the Juicy Couture Laceys for the night. Take your pick of colors for your Spring ensemble and step out on the town, or beach party, in style.

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