Fashion for Paws 2009: lots of well-heeled pups and patrons

20090328-fashion4paws-vp_1189wl1Labradors and Louboutins were all the rage at the Washington Humane Society’s   2009 Fashion for Paws event. Despite the rainy weather, everyone was groomed to perfection, and there was no shortage of fabulous footwear; however, my suede Chloe platforms, may not have been a terribly wise choice considering the weather.

Scouting out shoes amongst the crowd was almost entertainment enough, but the runway show definitely did not disappoint. I noticed lots of ballerina-esque lace-up heels, which I love, but doubt my 5’5″ stature could execute. One look I was especially fond of was by Betsy Johnson: hot pink leopard print socks under a pair of  stilettos. Not gonna lie, part of me really wants to try and pull that one off for a night on the town! This will definitely require some  serious sock shopping (try saying that after several glasses of champagne).

The true stars of the evening, though, were all of the cute pups up for adoption. Not only were they irresistable, they were remarkably well-behaved. As the owner of a 4 month-old Bernese Mountain Dog (Schatze Page) that won’t heel on a good day, I can’t imagine trying to walk her down a runway while I’m in heels! Not to mention, with all of those designer shoes, and all those dogs, I didn’t see a single Choo being chewed!

All in all the event was a great success, raising over $200,000. I think it’s safe to say, though, that by the end of the night everyone’s tootsies were definitely dogged!

Special thanks to Vithaya Photography for the great picture!


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