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Baring All

I have never been into going barefoot.  Even in the country.

Something about dirt or grass squishing through my toes just send shivers up my spine.  On the other hand, I also loathe wearing socks and shoes in the summer.

Before I had children, I was free to experiement with strappy sandals, all manners of heels, bright colors and unique patterns.  Since children, things–and shoes–have changed.  I spend most of the summer in an old pair of Reef flip flops.  And while I do love them, this summer I would like something a little more fashionable.

Around town, I have noticed gladiator sandals I like, but I have the idea that they would make my somewhat short and stubby legs look shorter and stubbier.

Enter these:


They are perfect for conservative Boston: comfortable, JCrew, classic.  But also perfect for me: minimalistic with the slightest hint of flash.

I am going to make these my everyday sandals.  Is it just me or is JCrew making a major comeback?  I have not been into them for more than a decade, but their latest catalog made me stand up and take notice.

Yay!  New/old favorite store, new shoes and a new attitude.  Bring on the maragaritas.


’70s Divas Play On in Giuseppe Zanotti

giuseppe-zanotti-goldHave disco fever on the brain? Step things up with your favorite metallic tunic dress and a pair of eye-catching heels that are sure to heat up the dance floor in a flash. Our disco days may be long gone, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to those platinum-loving, disco ball-inspired accessories.

Case in point; these sparkly Giuseppe Zanotti heels with a bright metal stiletto. These heels sit atop a thick cork wedge for some extra flair, and are the perfect way to make a show-stopping entrance to your next event.

What’s not to love?

Shiny, shiny to the max, and a lovely way to show off those tanned gams you’ve been working on this Spring break. The 4 ½” heel actually feels like 3” thanks to the cork platform, so you can sit pretty or hit the dance floor with ease. These heels are designed for you to perfect your strut, show off your disco moves, and ultimately —

— declare your love for all things shiny.


Wicked Summah Dilemmas

2841071870_a2e261ef24Hot town. It’s Spring in Boston, which, in effect, means the temperature swings wildly between near freezing and near stifling.

This past week, we entered one of the more stifling phases and with it has come a host of shoe issues. And so, I give you my top five summer shoe issues:

1.) Blisters–I spend the first couple weeks of the summer hobbled by the shoes I wore the previous summer, no matter how well they are broken in. Even my flip-flops tend to dig. Does this happen to other people? Is there any solution?

2.) Walking–Boston is a walk-happy town (and a driving drag with the hundreds of parking meter maids the city employs), but walking in the summer provides some unique challenges: what shoes can walk three miles while still not requiring socks yet not coating the feet in a fine layer of soot?

3.) Toes–No matter what I do, my toe polish does not last as long in the summer. Some people think bare toes are okay and certainly preferable to chipped polish, but some are horrified by the idea of bare toes. What’s a gal between pedis to do?

4.) Ugly feet–My feet are, as they say, F.U.G.L.Y (that’s !@!@ ugly to the uninitiated). My toes are gnarled and turned inward, callused and knobby. But I can’t wear closed toe shoes.

5.) Made to Get Wet–one of the things they never tell moms is that you will spend a lot of time wet in the summer. My daughter loves the park and at the park, she loves the sprinkler best. On long walks, she loves to dive into any fountain she sees and run through hoses. In short, I am in search of a pair of shoes that can look cute while also getting wet. Three times a day. Trust me, this is harder than it seems.

Stay tuned as I attempt to find the perfect pair of fashionable, inexpensive (we are in a recession, after all), park going, walk ready shoes out there. Oy vey.

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Tess Tuesday: Barefoot Tess Appreciation Days

I’d like to cordially welcome the wonderful women of Barefoot Tess to our little shoe-lovers blog. They’ll be here every Tuesday to share their trials, tribulations and amazing finds for ladies that wear size 11 and up because, as they say; Style doesn’t stop at size 10. And what better way to get acquainted, than with a discount? – Wendy

Barefoot Tess Appreciation days are going on right now at Barefoot Tess! Why? Well…

We don’t celebrate the wonderful things in our lives enough. There are so many precious and great things happening around us daily, yet honestly – how many times have you stopped to truly appreciate them? I’m afraid with all the focus on negative economic slumps and international distresses and swine flus, we may have even forgotten what it means to appreciate. So I looked it up:

ap・pre・ci・a・tion: uh-pree-shee-ey-shuhn (noun):

gratitude; thankful recognition:

Gratitute and thankful recognition? Ok. Here I go.

I whole-heartedly appreciate a warm pair of socks on a cold winter night. I am grateful for a hefty portion on my ice cream taster spoon (I can’t stand when they just nick the surface and deprive you of the delicious chunks!). And these days more than anything, I appreciate the opportunity to save money on fabulous shoes!


So today, show your appreciation for the online phenomenon that brings you incredible designer styles in sizes that (gasp) not only fit but actually flatter your beautifully big feet! In turn, Barefoot Tess will show you their appreciation for your continued support in expanding shoe fashion beyond the measly size 10 – and give you a whopping 30% off any Barefoot Tess brand shoe on the site! You rub my back, I’ll rub yours. You make incredible shoes in my hard-to-find size easily available online and I will wear them with pride and spread the good word. You tickle my toes, I’ll tickle yours. Too much? Sorry.

Bottom line: if you appreciate Barefoot Tess, use the code BFT30 to cash in on 30% off any BFT brand shoe Tuesday during Barefoot Tess Appreciation Days!


Moonlighting at the Mansion that Brings Us Makeup

I love my role as blogger extraordinaire, but sometimes I do a little moonlighting to help pay the rent. My secret life of the moment? I’m editing beauty product inserts.

Believe it or not, this is actually perfectly tuned to my career. I write beauty news by day, and have been a copy editor for years by night. It’s marrying all my worlds!

What has been fascinating though is discovering the inner workings of world I thought I already knew. My new job is in the art department of one of the world’s biggest cosmetic giants. On the surface, we write about flawless perfection – but in reality, we are sitting at cubicles with draft paper, red-circling the word warning, in no less than 12 languages.

nomad171782_96546_lgThe dress code at this mansion of makeup is surprisingly plain – people for the most part dress much like they have at financial magazines or dance journals I have passed through in the past. I, though, am still a beauty editor – no matter what my hat at the time – and I always dress for the occasion.

Today, it was roughly 80 degrees despite still being April. I wore my Nomad Hickory sandals from They are high-heeled and slightly flirty, they give a sexy edgy to a casual spring dress – yet are just understated enough not to frighten the natives.

Back to my draft paper…


Another Fabulous One for You! Meet Jerome C. Rousseau

Part of my day job as a fashion stylist involves finding cool little treats for my clients so I’m always obsessing over under the radar design talent who are creating really wonderful things from random corners of the world. I found about Jerome C. Rousseau a little while ago and have been dying to share him with ShoeTube followers. So here you go! Hurry and check out his part club kid, part lady, part glam rocker, part Victorian 2009 collections!

A little about this phenom, Jerome Chouinard-Rousseau: He’s a French-Canadian from Québec who has worked in London and Los Angeles for ten years. He started out as a footwear design student at Cordwainers College in London (Famous for alum like Jimmy Choo) and later went on to work with Matthew Willamson and Isabella Fiore. Today he masterminds his own beautiful line from Playa de Rey, a beach neighborhood in Los Angeles, and sells to high end retailers internationally including Harvey Nichols, Barneys and Net-a-porter.

Jerome C Rousseau

I’m obsessed with his cut-out booties (especially the gold ones seen here) and the color combos he uses in his designs. Celebrities like Cameron Diaz are already scooping them up, so you can count on seeing a lot more of this rising footwear star.


A Mule by Any Other Name

There’s something to be said for not committing. Especially when it’s above 80 degrees in New York and still April. For me, keeping a handle on weather reality means abstaining from sandals just a little longer. It’s too soon to tease myself with a premature open-toe outing. Of course April or not, it is warm.
The solution appeared on the feet of a very stylish, tall stranger I spotted strolling in Brooklyn. She was sporting a thin pullover with slim, cutoff black jean shorts and sleek, black mules.
Mules, or clogs?
you might be wondering. My research tells me that mules usually have a pointed toe and no back, while clogs get a chunky toe and can be open-backed or have a low back. Either way, not a sandal, but still less shoe than a sneaker or pump. Best of all, they’re easily slipped off in the grass. Since it’s already late in the season, eBay is calling my name with quite a few discount options.
The Cole Haan Kenna from ShoeMetro has a wooden heel, hot studs and a nude tan upper that will make any shorts-clad legs look sky-high.cole060508_120434main

Vintage Bastad clogs will never go out of style, especially with weaved leather uppers to keep you cool.a19e_1

Antique brass hardware gives these new Charles David clogs from FashionAveMart a distinctly vintage feel.214773225_tp

Or for an easy eBay buy, head to the boutique Grapevinehill and check out the huge selection of luscious mules handcrafted by legendary Lucchese Boot Co. Here are a few of my faves (click a photo to link to an auction).



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