Weather Wobbles in St. Lou

I’m never going to figure out how to correctly predict weather. Or pack.

Both became an issue last weekend when my best friend and I took a road trip to St. Louis to visit their fashion week.

clarksmaltamaryjanesI was pretty sure their weather was similar to ours – I knew that from trusty weather.com studying the week prior. But I was not aware that as the “northernmost southern state” the weather actually fluctuated nonstop. It would rain. It would snow. It would be seventy degrees. And this all happened over the course of an hour!

So, imagine my chagrin…after completing my usual packing practice of bringing as few shoes that would appeal to as many events as possible…that I was to discover I was ALL wrong?

Or was I?

On my feet through rain, sleet, and shine were my Clark’s Malta Mary Janes – a choice because they felt casual enough for walking around and sight-seeing, and formal enough to wear to a nice dinner. Could they withstand such crazy weather though? I wasn’t so sure

By the end of the the weekend, I had soaked through my favorite hoodie, ruined my hair, and I had a mild throat tickle. Shockingly though, my shoes still looked good as new…the leather wasn’t even looking rain-worn!

I remain a packer with crappy foresight – but at least I erred toward a great discovery!


1 Response to “Weather Wobbles in St. Lou”

  1. April 7, 2009 at 3:47 pm

    They look comfortable… but they don’t look good visually.

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