Stop and Smell the Shoe Corsages

Repurposing is the recycling of ideas every bit as much as the reusing of things — which is to say, a repurposed trend ads longevity to a style that would otherwise be kicked to the curb.

Boos & Besito's corsage

Boos & Besito's corsage

It works with some items (didn’t arm warmers evolve from cast-off knee socks?) better than others (reinvent stirrup pants: I dare you). But one surprise repurposing on the horizon is corsages. Yep, the cloyingly sweet floral accoutrements (favored by prom queens and mothers of the bride) is making a comeback as an accessory for shoes. And these blooms, while pretty, provide plenty of edge, too.

Daily Candy reports that L.A.-based Boos & Besito’s current collection “is made up of leather bow ties on chains, fringed scarves, scrunched silk necklaces, headbands adorned with big bows or snazzy hand-tied knots, and shoe blooms.” Those strap-on corsages for pumps are sort of a whimsical take on edgier strap-on iterations (Posso‘s shin guard-like, punk-informed black leather spats, for one). To find these corsages, email Boos & Besitos owners Rana Shoar and Alejandra Hernandez at boosandbesito@gmail.com.

Miss Bunny's skull corsage

Miss Bunny's skull corsage

London-based Etsy.com seller Miss Bunny carries two versions of reworked shoes embellished with handmade corsages. The felt-appliqued stacked peep toes are emblazoned with a sassy skull atop a pink bloom.

Take the whole trend a step further with real flower corsages. The Viviano Flower Shop in Detroit, Michigan fashions these footware accessories from “vivid red sweetheart roses, cool chartreuse dendrobium orchids, and delicate waxflowers” and ships them. Same day delivery is possible to many areas.

Real flower corsage by the Viviano Flower Shop

Real flower corsage by the Viviano Flower Shop

And, lest the mothers of brides and prom queens feel that their accessory of choice has been usurped, The Flower Shop Network’s blog promises, “incorporating flowers into prom shoes is effortless.”

Style it yourself: Sky Down Town, an online boutique specializing in handmade items, carries clip-on shoe corsages in a wide range of materials like satiny rosettes, rabbit fur poufs and smart tweeds.


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