A Second Public Appearance for Michelle Obama’s Green Choos

mobluedressBack in January, Michelle Obama’s Inauguration ensemble had fashion critics and shoe lovers everywhere buzzing– myself included. At the time I was unsure about green shoes with a yellow-ish outfit, but the more I looked at pictures, the more I loved the combo, and really LOVED the shoes. I came to the conclusion that I absolutely had to find a pair of Jimmy Choo “Glacier” pumps, and obviously they needed to be green. Let’s just say that hunt has been rather futile, but I’m still holding out that they’ll magically appear on a sale rack somewhere!

I digress, back to Lady M. During the Obama’s recent trip to London, Michelle’s ensembles drew a lot of attention, especially the peacock blue Jason Wu dress with the 1/2 argyle Junya Watanabe cardigan. As I gave the ensemble the Manhattan once-over (LOVE the dress, mixed feelings on the cardi), my eyes froze on her footwear. There they were: my Jimmy Choo pumps! But then I got kind of confused. Wasn’t her dress blue? My Jimmy Choos were definitely green. Contrasting colors are one thing, but is green too close to blue in the color wheel for that to work? Perhaps the dress is greener than it appears in pictures? Oh to get inside Lady M’s closet! Hmmmm, that might solve several problems: I wonder what size shoe she wears? An 8 perhaps? Let’s just hope that new puppy doesn’t have a thing for Choo toys!


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