Giving in to the Oxford

There are a few trends⎯leather motorcycle jackets, fringed moccasin boots, even cropped leggings⎯that I have resisted out of a sort of pigheaded pride.

It’s not that I think I’m above these pieces. It’s that when I first saw them, I gave them a season, maybe. I waited for them to pass. And like my attempts to take the bus rather than walk home on a rainy day, I’m left waiting but can’t budge because the longer I stand still, the more I have invested in the bus actually coming. Or in this case, the fashion don’t articles being written. Right?

Out of my many shortsighted restrictions, flat oxford shoes have been the hardest to resist. So when I opened May’s Marie Claire to see an adorable Rachel McAdams shot in even more adorable Christian Louboutin oxfords, I knew it was over. I’ve come crawling back to the oxford, tail between my legs, in the rain.

Photo via Just Jared: http://tinyurl.com/cfuryw

See the whole series at Just Jared: http://tinyurl.com/cfuryw

It wasn’t your fault, oxford, that a buyer at Urban Outfitters spotted you before I did. I shouldn’t have judged you so harshly. I should have believed in you. Now, with a degree of sureness that you’ll last another full season, I’d like to purchase you. Just not at full price.

I’m sheepishly headed to eBay store ShoeMetro for black Steve Maddens,stev101308_064154main

or Whochee Vintage for Kenneth Coles,249927382_tpor MrHaney4 for classic Cole Haans,0327_6_264

or Historic Images for crisp ivory Rockports.f021509t


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