Pangs, Polka Dots, and Passover

My grandmother is somewhat legendary in our family stories – known for being fierce, feisty, and just a little bit fear-inducing.

polkadotbetsyShe’s not a cookies and milk kind of grandma. She knows how to eat them, sure, but for the life of her I’m not sure she could figure out how to bake them. Our bonding moments are reading trashy magazines, sex stories, and our shared love of a good tomatillo.

We have other eerie likenesses that I just discovered this week. Her only job ever was as a cosmetics saleswoman…and I’m a beauty editor!

That said, we haven’t been close in years. She lives close to 2,000 miles away, and I’m not so great about keeping in touch. So, imagine my horror when my once clubbing-erotica-reading-soap-loving grandma had grown so weak and frail, she could no longer walk without assistance, and her once signature pink lipstick was gone…replaced by an au naturale face.

She was visitng my parents for Passover, and a few days into her visit, fell and fractured her shoulder. Our short visit will now be longer as she’s sticking around to get rehabitlation – but I wish I could rehab the “me” part of her. The part of her that wore bright shades of violet and knew all the sex triangles on General Hospital.

Tonight I visited her at the rehab center she’ll be in for the next few weeks, and was so sad to see her even further unable to get around. She was in a hospital gown. Myself, though, I was wearing my Betsey Johnson Mariana Sandal – fun and flirty and carefree in a sexy and feminine way. Grandma might not be able to wear them, but I know she approved.

1 Response to “Pangs, Polka Dots, and Passover”

  1. April 17, 2009 at 4:03 pm

    This is such a sweet tribute. Maybe she could use a pair of sassy slippers?

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