Moonlighting at the Mansion that Brings Us Makeup

I love my role as blogger extraordinaire, but sometimes I do a little moonlighting to help pay the rent. My secret life of the moment? I’m editing beauty product inserts.

Believe it or not, this is actually perfectly tuned to my career. I write beauty news by day, and have been a copy editor for years by night. It’s marrying all my worlds!

What has been fascinating though is discovering the inner workings of world I thought I already knew. My new job is in the art department of one of the world’s biggest cosmetic giants. On the surface, we write about flawless perfection – but in reality, we are sitting at cubicles with draft paper, red-circling the word warning, in no less than 12 languages.

nomad171782_96546_lgThe dress code at this mansion of makeup is surprisingly plain – people for the most part dress much like they have at financial magazines or dance journals I have passed through in the past. I, though, am still a beauty editor – no matter what my hat at the time – and I always dress for the occasion.

Today, it was roughly 80 degrees despite still being April. I wore my Nomad Hickory sandals from ShoeBuy.com. They are high-heeled and slightly flirty, they give a sexy edgy to a casual spring dress – yet are just understated enough not to frighten the natives.

Back to my draft paper…

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