Tess Tuesday: Barefoot Tess Appreciation Days

I’d like to cordially welcome the wonderful women of Barefoot Tess to our little shoe-lovers blog. They’ll be here every Tuesday to share their trials, tribulations and amazing finds for ladies that wear size 11 and up because, as they say; Style doesn’t stop at size 10. And what better way to get acquainted, than with a discount? – Wendy

Barefoot Tess Appreciation days are going on right now at Barefoot Tess! Why? Well…

We don’t celebrate the wonderful things in our lives enough. There are so many precious and great things happening around us daily, yet honestly – how many times have you stopped to truly appreciate them? I’m afraid with all the focus on negative economic slumps and international distresses and swine flus, we may have even forgotten what it means to appreciate. So I looked it up:

ap・pre・ci・a・tion: uh-pree-shee-ey-shuhn (noun):

gratitude; thankful recognition:

Gratitute and thankful recognition? Ok. Here I go.

I whole-heartedly appreciate a warm pair of socks on a cold winter night. I am grateful for a hefty portion on my ice cream taster spoon (I can’t stand when they just nick the surface and deprive you of the delicious chunks!). And these days more than anything, I appreciate the opportunity to save money on fabulous shoes!


So today, show your appreciation for the online phenomenon that brings you incredible designer styles in sizes that (gasp) not only fit but actually flatter your beautifully big feet! In turn, Barefoot Tess will show you their appreciation for your continued support in expanding shoe fashion beyond the measly size 10 – and give you a whopping 30% off any Barefoot Tess brand shoe on the site! You rub my back, I’ll rub yours. You make incredible shoes in my hard-to-find size easily available online and I will wear them with pride and spread the good word. You tickle my toes, I’ll tickle yours. Too much? Sorry.

Bottom line: if you appreciate Barefoot Tess, use the code BFT30 to cash in on 30% off any BFT brand shoe Tuesday during Barefoot Tess Appreciation Days!

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