Wicked Summah Dilemmas

2841071870_a2e261ef24Hot town. It’s Spring in Boston, which, in effect, means the temperature swings wildly between near freezing and near stifling.

This past week, we entered one of the more stifling phases and with it has come a host of shoe issues. And so, I give you my top five summer shoe issues:

1.) Blisters–I spend the first couple weeks of the summer hobbled by the shoes I wore the previous summer, no matter how well they are broken in. Even my flip-flops tend to dig. Does this happen to other people? Is there any solution?

2.) Walking–Boston is a walk-happy town (and a driving drag with the hundreds of parking meter maids the city employs), but walking in the summer provides some unique challenges: what shoes can walk three miles while still not requiring socks yet not coating the feet in a fine layer of soot?

3.) Toes–No matter what I do, my toe polish does not last as long in the summer. Some people think bare toes are okay and certainly preferable to chipped polish, but some are horrified by the idea of bare toes. What’s a gal between pedis to do?

4.) Ugly feet–My feet are, as they say, F.U.G.L.Y (that’s !@!@ ugly to the uninitiated). My toes are gnarled and turned inward, callused and knobby. But I can’t wear closed toe shoes.

5.) Made to Get Wet–one of the things they never tell moms is that you will spend a lot of time wet in the summer. My daughter loves the park and at the park, she loves the sprinkler best. On long walks, she loves to dive into any fountain she sees and run through hoses. In short, I am in search of a pair of shoes that can look cute while also getting wet. Three times a day. Trust me, this is harder than it seems.

Stay tuned as I attempt to find the perfect pair of fashionable, inexpensive (we are in a recession, after all), park going, walk ready shoes out there. Oy vey.

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