Dressed for Success, Actual Achievement Yet to be Seen

Historically, when I plan parties, they tend to go awry at the speed of light.

My planning a birthday shindig resulted in unseasonable blizzard. That was just this year. In previous years, this occasion has caused transit strikes, citywide blackouts and ice storms.

bcbggirlsbalmSo, when a major cosmetics company asked me to host a house party as a benefit for Dress for Success, I was immediately frightened. First of all, I live in a studio. Second of all, said party would be mere days after moving into this studio. Thirdly…well…this is ME. It’s bad enough that I ruin my own special days…but to ruin that of the less fortunate?

I’ve swallowed my fear though, and agreed – and tomorrow, I shall be having my benefit party in my apartment…at a time when I’m thus far unpacked. I’ve planned the menu, and not yet secured all the necessary ingredients. I’ve invited a dozen of my besties…and as of now, only a small fraction are confirmed coming. Storm clouds are predicted. By most logical accounts,this party is already doomed.

I choose to follow the path of The Secret, though, and let my vision create my destiny. I shall go into my party dressed for success, starting from the the BCBGirls Balm sexy strappy sandals on my newly-manicured toes. They have hot metal rivets for a rugged edge, an edge I hope my calm will teeter on – as the party moves on.


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