Spring Sling

I like black. In fact, I LOVE black. Live for black. And if the powers that be ever stopped producing black I would be lost. Truly lost. Unable to function lost. But come springtime, my love seems to wane just long enough for me to make an impulse purchase that is NOT black but FULL of color. And I mean full.
Spring Sling
Often the compulsion for color manifests in footwear. Over the years I have found it the easiest to justify (of course) and the easiest to integrate into my existing wardrobe of black, black, black, gray, gray and sometimes white. This spring in Berlin was no different. On the first sunny day I found myself ducking into the shoe store beside the BauHaus (Germany’s Home Depot) for a little spring lift.

Like a Payless, the store was organized by size, and although all I thought I wanted was a pair of fuchsia flip-flops I saw in the store window, I walked out with shoes so opposite to everything in my existing arsenal of footwear I’m not even sure what to do with them. Patent-floral cork-wedge heels. Yup. That’s them.

A brand I have never heard of (Young Spirit), in colors I often don’t even register, they now sit in the bottom of my closet and taunt me. Dare me to wear them. Snicker every time I grab something black off the shelf. The truth is, I have nothing to wear them with. And so, it’s likely that my cheap 30Euro shoe purchase will cost me 300Euro, ‘cause I have my eye on a fantastic white Calvin Klein shift-dress that would look great with them. The dress would also look fantastic with anything black. So really it’s a win-win.


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