Tess Tuesday: Money or Shoes?

3188800152_a7d97f66baMy fabulous and shoe-wise friend Cate-O told me a great story that exposes the priorities of young females today. A man asked many young women which they thought they would acquire first: 30 pairs of shoes or $30,000 in savings. As you can probably guess (seeing as your closet may resemble mine and already be packed to the brim with adorable wedges, heels, and wellies), most women shocked him by saying the former (technically, most of them said, “but I already have 30 pairs of shoes!” Few, if any, already had that $30,000 safely tucked away).

This doesn’t surprise me, as a lover of all things shoe and Barefoot Tess enthusiast, but it was jarring nonetheless. And it begged me to consider (enter pensive Carrie Bradshaw expression, then cut to my computer screen typing):
Do we have to be in shame of our shoes… or can it just be all about shoe?

I’m not sure when this informal survey was conducted (most likely before this terrible economy full of belt-tightening and money-crunching), but I can bet that most or all of us would claim we already have over 30 pairs of shoes. So, I am going to ask a simple, perhaps scary, question. Comment below or over at the Barefoot Tess blog with your honest prediction (or just to tell me that I have way too many shoes and way too little savings, so my question is way off):

Which do you think you will acquire first, 100 pairs of shoes or $10,000 in savings?

(Remember: Not what you should say or what your long-term financial stability would require, but what you actually believe will come first.)

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