Stil(etto) Life

-1(Please forgive me for getting this in so late in the day…here in Boston it is still Tuesday for another 3 minutes!)

On Friday Shoetube fixated on artsy ideas to spice up your footwear routines. In keeping with that theme, allow me to introduce Ellen Rolli, an artist participating in this weekend’s SOWA Art Walk.

Ellen Rolli is not interested in photo realism. Instead her acrylic paintings depict abstract impressions of people, objects, and landscapes. They illustrate the elusive texture of memories where certain details dominate our attention and others blur into the background.

Recently, her work has revolved around shoes that evoke aspects of their absent owners. The tan insole of a stiletto echoes the sultry arch of a woman’s bare back.  Tango shoes (such as the one to the right) gracefully glide through the close embrace of the frame. -2

She has a wide variety of subjects available, everything from flip flops to vintage pumps, in canvas sizes that will fit a South End single bedroom or a loft in Lowell. When I stopped by her studio (#229 at 450 Harrison Ave…right down the hall from Paul Walcott, a fascinating furniture designer) a few weeks ago, she revealed that she is also willing to explore requests for commissions from other people. Be sure to leave room for her artistic vision, however, as she is hesitant about clients who have rigid expectations.

While you are at SOWA Art WAlk,  be sure to stop by Mobius (725 Harrison Ave) too. David Chin will be photographing people’s shoes for his upcoming installation in The Politics of Shoes. Oh, and Shoetube’s Fitness Footwear Guru will also be performing in The Politics of Shoes but I will save that story for another day.


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