Flip-Flops are for Fools

I’m not sure who it is we have to blame for the blight some call flip-flops, but when I find out… watch out.

courtesy of theogeo

courtesy of theogeo

Not only do they expose your feet to countless diseases and leave your feet repulsively dirty at the end of a day in the big city, but they are not, no matter who tells you different, fashionable. Similar to the Crocs craze which is on the decline (thank God) flip-flops are a sign to the rest of the fashion conscious world that you have given up. You no longer care about what your feet say about your commitment to good taste and comfort has kidnapped your sense of style.

Despite the popularity of Havianas (which I will admit are darn comfy) and their imposters, they are not flattering. They do not go with everything. And they most certainly do not say “I’m a strong, confident in control woman.” What they do say? “I couldn’t be bothered to find anything else when I left the house.”

They are cheap and yes they are easy, but is that really how you want to be known? I didn’t think so.


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