Wearing Your Heart on Your Heels

Remember that Vanessa Williams song about saving the best for last?

Well, what if you live with that destination in mind, and the best just never comes?

guesspinkheelsA good friend of mine has had feelings for a close guy friend of hers for the better part of a decade.

Like all relationships, theirs have ebbed and flowed – sometimes they are platonic, sometimes they are flirty, sometimes they accidentally end up naked and have follow-up awkward conversations about what they are.

Ultimately, the answer is always the same: She wants what he cannot give, he doesn’t want to lose her, and she can’t help herself from holding out hope things will change.

Some may say my friend is fairly dense, and is refusing to take a hint long-past hit over her with a gavel…but feelings don’t always make logical sense, and she’s been given plenty of reason to second-guess herself.

They’ve been defriended, refriended, and re-entangled over and over, and while she knows their relationship is what some may interpret as dysfunctional, it’s become so important to her that she can’t imagine her life without him in it.

Recently, he invited her out for lunch, saying he wanted to talk, and would treat her to an afternoon to restore her faith that he did care, and her feelings did matter. To their date, she wore these Guess Shower 2 hot pink slides. Her heart was on her sleeve (er, shoe), and she was ready to give this one final attempt of her all.

He’s not in love with her. He’s moving – and while he promises they’ll always be friends, she knows that her happy ending now looks bleaker than ever. Has the best been saved for last? First she needs to figure out that this is what the best actually is.


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