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Tess Tuesday: Shoe Seek

Seeking shoes?  Seeking great prizes?  Seeking something to seek?

shoe-seek-side-bannerBarefoot Tess teamed up with fabulous shoe-loving blogs, sites, and friends to create an incredible Shoe Seek 2009 scavenger hunt contest for a whole grand prize package full of wonderful prizes!  It is almost too good to be true, too amazing to believe, too incredible to fathom… except it really does exist.

What can you win?  What can’t you win?  Here is what the grand prize package includes:

-$250 shopping spree to!

-$50 Nordstrom gift certificate (courtesy of!

-A vintage porcelain heart brooch (courtesy of IPlayFavorites Blogger Joy D)!

-A signed copy of ‘The Budget Fashionista‘ Kathryn Finney’s first book “How to Be a Budget Fashionista”

-Shoe Seek winner feature blog/article and picture on the following fabulous shoe-loving sites:, Blogging Barefoot Blog,, Fashion Fille’s blog, YourFeetMakeYouUnique blog, and ShoeTube!

    Check out all the details and information on the Shoe Seek site – and register for your chance to win all these incredible prizes!


    A Sookie Stackhouse Summer: As Seen at BARE Mag

    To return the favor for the sleek summer trends piece the BARE magazine editors did for us, I let them in on my True summer shoe muse. Here it is, in case you missed it over at BARE’s blog.

    shoeblog1My personal start-of-summer ritual always begins with a really pulpy paperback and ends with a light new pair of kicks. But after devouring the Twilight series in the spring, I was afraid nothing could top the vamp-induced trance I wanted to recreate on the beach. Enter Sookie Stackhouse, telepathic waitress, vampire-lover, and my fictional summertime muse.

    Sure tons of people picked up Dead Until Dark, the first in a series of supernatural books set in sweaty Louisiana, ages ago, but I think now is the perfect time. True Blood, the HBO show based on the hot novels, is in the beginning of it’s second season, giving me the perfect excuse to immerse myself in page-turners, season one episodes and season two spoilers. I’m all about Sookie.

    It doesn’t hurt that the adorable Anna Paquin plays her character, a petite blond with a penchant for short summer dresses paired with platform sandals, sling-back kitten heels and girly sneakers. All her styles are summer-y, sexy, and timeless, perfect for a gal with a civil war- era boyfriend. And well, perfect for another gal in search of summer shoes to take me through every situation of the season on a very tight budget.

    With Sookie’s style on my mind I turned to a funky vintage eBay boutique with plenty of southern charm, Elvis Really Rocks. My top picks from this aptly-named store:

    Bone peep-toe sling backs with a heel low enough for strolling but high enough to get some attention;shoeblog2

    Red hot canvas Keds with a pebbled sole and braided trim;shoeblog3

    Prim navy Hopsack tennis shoes with thick jute soles;shoeblog4

    Rope and leather braided sandals with wooden heels;shoeblog5

    Now I’m not so sure Sookie would go for these chunky, laid-back, 70s suede cut-out sandals. But they seem like sweet shoes for summer reading.shoeblog6

    Photo via.


    Farrah was Fab from her Head to her Feet

    Lots has already been said about the passing of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. Together they go, hand-in-hand to the great beyond, leaving behind a sequinned glove and a set of perfectly-frosted wings (the hair kind, not the angel kind). Likely much more will be said in the coming weeks about the fashion legacy of this pair: Michael’s military look, the white socks, the brimmed hats. And Farrah’s hair. Always the hair. Like writes, “The feathered blond hair, that smile, those tawny limbs.”


    But what of the rest of Farrah’s look? She was so quintessentially 70s, what with the one-piece bathing suits, the spandex disco cat suits, the crisp nautical stripes and the breezy beachy cotton tops and faded jeans. In fact, she did 70s so well that she didn’t really ever need to update her look: Instead of becoming dated (as the trend-followers do) she became an icon.

    But what of her shoes? Turns out Farrah got those exactly right, too. here’s what she wore, and how to emulate her look:

    1. The disco sandal

    Blogger Think Thru Fashion posted a tribute to Farrah’s look (click the link to view it).


    Sky-high heels, lotsa thin straps. She was boogie nights 24/7, pairing these sandals not just with the unitard (hopefully the bike is just a prop) but also with the belted, full-skirted dresses she rocked on Charlie’s Angels.

    But what of her shoes? Turns out Farrah got those exactly right, too. here’s what she wore, and how to emulate her look:

    Bring back Saturday Night Fever with the Women’s Dream slingback from Carlos Santana’s line.

    Women's Dream by Santana

    Women's Dream by Santana

    2. The classic trainer

    Farrah’s Angels character Jill Monroe wasn’t just a pretty face. Sure, she flipped her hair a lot, but she also packed heat and rode a skateboard. This famous shot inspired the Farrah Skateboard company whose mission statement reads: “Farrah Skateboards is all about you. The girl who feels her hottest on her board.” Even if you’re not a skate rat, take note of the narrow-toed Nikes. Classic 70s, right?


    Yes, somehow re-invisioned in the mesh and leather of the Nike Air Match the same look is totally modern.

    Nike Air Match

    3. The espadrille wedge

    Finally, that always casually-stylish, beachy, nature-girl-meets-socialite wedge. In the picture at the top of this post, Farrah pairs her espadrilles with high-waisted, wide-leg jeans (another trend that’s made its way back around). Recreate the timeless look with an updated take, like the Kenneth Cole Fire Drille.

    Fire Drilles from Kenneth Cole

    Fire Drilles from Kenneth Cole


    Monsoons in Montauk

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m currently in Montauk and it’s totally gorgeous here. We’re staying at the fabulous Montauk Yacht Club, and have an amazing beachfront view from the balcony of our room.

    harajukuloversOne slight issue…it’s a monsoon here. As in building shaking, pouring rain, and ferocious winds…and we’re about six inches from the water.

    Alas. Timing is everything, and ours is unique.

    Of course, had I realized I was about to encounter God’s wrath, I’d probably not have worn my Harajuku Lovers Bibian sandals.

    I chose them because the braided rope strap had a definitive nautical edge – totally apropos for a trip to a yacht club -and yet they are casual and comfy enough for walking. Except we are not walking – cause it’s dangerous out there!

    We are having a fabulous time though, cocktailing and eating crustaceans, indoors – where my shoes are happy and dry, and we are still in a yacht club – meaning I am still living according to theme. Actual yacht, notwithstanding.


    What Were You Doing When You Heard?

    There’s certain historical occasions that we will eternally remember what we were doing as we heard.

    When I heard that Michael Jackson died, my best friend and I were stuck in traffic near the Lincoln Tunnel, en route to a girlfriends getaway in Montauk.

    miasuribeadedWe were super excited – we’ve been plotting this escape for weeks – but suddenly, a shocked quiet came over us. I mean, we expected Farrah Fawcett to die – and that was sad, too  – but Michael Jackson?

    Weirdly enough, minutes later Don McLean’s “American Pie” came on the radio, and though about an entirely other loss of musical royalty, it felt especially poignant. Was yesterday the day the music died? Hardly. But it was the day we lost a piece of music history.

    Michael Jackson was already the king of pop when I began to be aware of the music around me. In 1983, when Thriller phenomenon was at its height, I was a wee little thing – and even I remember my very first MTV experience. Michael took my video-television virginity, and as my first, I will always remember him. “Billy Jean” remains on my iPod playlist, and “The Way You Make Me Feel” was played at my bar mitzvah – a hit among the conservative Jewish crowd at the kosher Chinese restaurant, which I think is proof of how far-reaching Michael’s appeal was.

    As I was headed for vacay at the moment I heard, I was wearing my MIA Suri Beaded Wedges – but I’m glad that these cork-covered sandals were what was clothing my feet at that moment in history. They attract attention, and do so with a pop of color and a slightly off-center vibe. Just like the king of pop, who while often not understood, will always be remembered.


    Discount at Dr. Scholl’s!

    Shoes_iA05313Up until now, I never put any thought into why the classic Dr. Scholl’s Exercise Sandal was called an exercise anything. My mom’s tan pair were a wardrobe staple of hers growing up, but she certainly never wore them with her hot 80s aerobics ensembles.

    In talking history with the very good people at Dr. Scholl’s HQ I discovered that the Original style was designed in 1958 by the man himself as the first sculptured wood sandal with a raised toe crest which, “encouraged a gripping action that helped shape the legs.”

    Aha! We still love our MBTs but the very easy-on-the-eyes Dr. Scholl’s Original sandals are sounding better and better.

    So Shoetubers if you want em, we’d like you to have em, for less than retail price of course. Don’t worry, this deal isn’t limited to just one style. Get anything from the Original to the very original Dr. Scholl’s Disco (a shoe of great debate here at Shoetube) for 20% off at now though July 31 with the discount code SCHOLLS20.
    Happy exercising!


    How To Wear Cowboy Boots In The City

    chocoDespite the fact that I spend most of my time in San Francisco, I’m still a mud-slingin’, dust-kickin’ kinda country girl at heart (definitely more rodeo than Rodeo Drive). How do you incorporate the “yee-haw” spirit into a modern metropolitan lifestyle where Juicy Couture totes and Tory Burch tunics are the order of the day?

    Distressed cowboy boots are the perfect way to bring any outfit down to earth, shake up a blue jeans coma and separate yourself from mass assimilation. The trick to wearing them is trying hard not to look FOTT (fresh off the tractor). A few tips for wearing the Chocolate Brush Off Boot pictured here and available at

    Around Town. Tuck premium skinny jeans inside these cowboy boots and pair with a crisp white tank top, a few long-strand necklaces, a cuff or a chunky turquoise cocktail ring (refrain from wearing all three at once). Where hair is concerned, opt for beachy, surfer girl-inspired waves to keep the look fresh and oh-so California girl (no offense Texas).

    At A Backyard BBQ. Forgo the Daisy Duke-inspired shorts for a frayed denim mini with deconstructed finish. Make sure your top isn’t too revealing (try a tee with a ¾ length sleeve) as this look already has enough skin going on. Another option? Try a strappy summer sun dress with a pretty feminine print. The toughness of the cowboy boots will break up the look without being as extreme as the Doc Martens you wore with your sun dresses circa 1992.

    At Your BFF’s Next Dinner Party. Clingy cottons can be dressed up or down in a pinch. Instead of flip-flops or sandals, try a short sleeve day dress in a soft-as-butter jersey fabric. You’ll be the hit of the casual cocktail hour.

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