A Slice of Weitzman

In case you missed it, Shoetube’s video team caught up with the man behind the shoe, the Stuart Weitzman shoe, in an exclusive interview last week. To be perfectly clear, I’m biased. I love a good Weitzman. My favorite pair of loafers (vintage, bone, perforated suede with wooden heels and tassels on the vamp) are Weitzmans. I picked them up in the enchanting vintage shop next door to my hairdresser. This French-owned boutique has a huge gilt-framed mirror so I naturally rush right in to check myself out as soon as I’m done getting a trim.

The top-notch construction of my loafers is easily apparent and the style is, I’ll say it, timeless. For those of you considering investing in a new pair of the man’s shoes, you have my full confidence in the matter. They’re worth the money. And for those of us lacking in funds but bursting with enthusiasm, to eBay!

Mr. Weitzman did say, in reference to women at large, “I see you on the street. I see you at parties, and inspiration comes to me.” At least we can show him some inspiration of his own design. My top picks, at truly bargain prices:

Classy, classy, classy nude snakeskin slingbacks with a peep toe and primly folded bow ($2.99 with free shipping at post time!),A1

richly woven sandals in dark brown leather ($14.50 at post time),A2

sophisticated jelly sandals–is it possible? Yes (for only $10 to start)!A3Tan leather woven into a classic, airy pump with a wooden heel ($10 at post time),A4

black patent alligator loafers with a lush tassel ($10 at post-time),A5

and for only a $1 starting bid, black satin slingbacks with an orange, purple and red print shaped into bow so fluffy and delicate that this pair should be worn by someone willing to stroll down a Paris street while savoring a croissant. Bon appetit. 1243392244_1


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