Hold the Phone: Jimmy Choos at H&M

Here’s my question: If Carrie Bradshaw hadn’t spent her paychecks on shoes rather than, say, real estate is it possible she would have wound up with the far dishier Aiden rather than the likable but (sorry, but I’ve got say it) not-so-sexy Mr. Big? I know, I know — without the shoes, Carrie wouldn’t have been Carrie and no one wants that. But in this, the post market-crash spendthrift world of 2009 a new possibility (and perhaps a multiple choice ending for Sex and the City) unfolds: Designer footware at bargain prices.

I kid you not.

Shoes from Jimmy Choos for H&M collection

Shoes from Jimmy Choos for H&M collection

New York Magazine just reported that luxury shoe designer Jimmy Choo is teaming up with discount retailer H&M: “Jimmy Choo and H&M are launching a collection of bags, shoes, and accessories for men and women and a clothing line, hitting stores Nov. 14.”

LA Times reported that, “Jimmy Choo founder and President Tamara Mellon vowed that her brand would bring H&M ‘a sophisticated, fashion forward, accessible and glamorous collection.'” Other H&M designer collaborators include Madonna, Stella McCartney and Karl Lagerfeld.

Jimmy Choo fitting with H&M's Margareta van den Bosch

Jimmy Choo fitting with H&M's Margareta van den Bosch

According to figures in Britain’s The Guardian, a pair of Choo ballet flats at H&M will run about 40 pounds ($66) with boots ringing in at 180 pounds ($295).

Fashion bloggers such as The Budget Fashionista, Cyana Trend Land and Paolosavi are all tracking the story, but there is a cautionary tale here. Paolosavi writes, “Tres tres cool…can’t wait.” but commenter Jacob replies, “Exciting news indeed, but again- Choo’s shoes need the best quality. Same with earlier Cavalli for H&M collection, not all pieces were that great in real life.”

Probably the best tactic, on November 14 (it’s a Saturday, schedule accordingly) is to ask ourselves, “WWCD?” (What Would Carrie Do?) I’m guessing go shopping.


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