Buy Some Shoes, Save a Life

By now I’m sure you all know about TOMS Shoes, the company that gives a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes you buy. If you didn’t, might I suggest a) tuning into the latest AT&T commercial, which features the stylish, do-good brand and its handsome founder Blake Mycoskie, and b) purchasing some hand-painted Tyler Ramsey TOMS (see below) immediately.

Hand-painted Tyler Ramsey TOMS

Hand-painted Tyler Ramsey TOMS, $68

For the longest time I thought TOMS was an anomaly. And in many respects it still is. But TOMS isn’t the only company to combine my two favorite things—helping people and shoes. The Preemptive Love Coalition, a non-profit organization, sells hand-made Kurdish shoes and invests the profits toward heart surgeries for impoverished Arab and Kurdish children.

Blue Klash, $100

Blue Klash, $100

Each pair of shoes, called Klash, costs $100 and take approximately 40 hours to make. Kurdish men tackle the soles, the most difficult part of the shoe, while Kurdish women stitch the rest.

According to the PLC, each shoe carries “the unique mark of its maker. No shoe is perfect, as Muslim craftsman often regard that quality as belonging to God alone.”

They aren’t as stylish as a pair of TOMS, but reading about the Iraqi children they save on the organization’s blog more than makes up for it.

Whether you go for some TOMS or a pair of Klash‘s (or both!), at the end of the day, fashion is great—helping people is better.


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