MBTs Walk and Roll (part 2)

Ok, so as I promised in yesterday’s post, here is my Full Throttle Walk and Roll Report on MBT’s Chapas:

MBT Chapa

Noticeable physiological changes: 1. As soon as I stood in them, my abs were more engaged . 2. Normally, I shift with the majority of my weight to the right foot but the MBTs encourage me to balance on both legs. 3. My hamstrings and the muscles in my feet are more active as I meander. 

Favorite things about them: 1. They amplify my height like a pump. 2. These roly poly kicks make it hard to hyperextend my knees. 3. They infuse mundane trips to the grocery store with playful weeble wooble quality. 

Activities to avoid until you have acclimated: 1. Driving a car. 2. Riding on an escalator. 3. Standing on a moving subway. 4. Riding a bike. 5. Hugging people.

Warning: 1. Follow MBT’s advice and gradually become accustomed to them. 2. Avoid squatting as that can trash their infrastructure. 3. People are going to stare and ask questions. (Just this morning someone in Harvard Square stopped me to ask where she could get a pair.) 4. Ditch them when you plan to get plastered. (Uff, you would be better off in ice skates.)

Overall impression: They are easy on the eyes and surprisingly good for one’s thighs. Whether you are itching to add some extra oomph to your workout or aching for an almost effortless way to add exercise to your day, MBT’s Chapa will gently roll you towards your goal. I honestly wish that I could get a pair for each of my students at Impulse Dance Center to improve their balance and alignment.

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