eBay Quick Fix: Bettie’s Bombshell Vintage

180px-Bettie_PageThe thing I love most about eBay is checking out the sellers. I form these passionate one-sided relationships with them based on their usernames, the collection of items they have for sale or how well-edited I find their stores. So today I’d like to introduce you to one of the sellers I’m all about, bombshellxbettie. She does her muse, Bettie Page, justice, and for this, I love her.

Considering Page’s perfect bangs, black hair, curves and the fact that she sewed all of those iconic pin up outfits herself, this is a huge undertaking. But Bettie’s Bombshell Vintage pulls it off, so to speak. Take today’s three for-sale items.

These 70’s leather sandals with wooden, stacked wedge heels, are exactly what I’ve been dreaming of. The double front straps combined with the slim ankle strap and woven design keep this pair substantive and airy all at once. They’re low, so walkable, but shaped sleekly enough to elongate the leg. Sigh. I’m infatuated if you can’t tell, but they aren’t my size. So to all you lucky size 6Ms, the sale ends at 10 EST.Sandals

She’s also got some of the hottest color-block flats I’ve seen this season. And yes, I’m pro 80s, pro color-blocks, and pro whoever gets these. The sale ends around the same time.block

And just to round off all the cute shoe action, she’s offering a flirty paisley shift in emerald green, lavender and white: a bright and classy addition to any summer shoe collection. Pair it with red lipstick and do your favorite pin up icon proud.dress


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