What Were You Doing When You Heard?

There’s certain historical occasions that we will eternally remember what we were doing as we heard.

When I heard that Michael Jackson died, my best friend and I were stuck in traffic near the Lincoln Tunnel, en route to a girlfriends getaway in Montauk.

miasuribeadedWe were super excited – we’ve been plotting this escape for weeks – but suddenly, a shocked quiet came over us. I mean, we expected Farrah Fawcett to die – and that was sad, too  – but Michael Jackson?

Weirdly enough, minutes later Don McLean’s “American Pie” came on the radio, and though about an entirely other loss of musical royalty, it felt especially poignant. Was yesterday the day the music died? Hardly. But it was the day we lost a piece of music history.

Michael Jackson was already the king of pop when I began to be aware of the music around me. In 1983, when Thriller phenomenon was at its height, I was a wee little thing – and even I remember my very first MTV experience. Michael took my video-television virginity, and as my first, I will always remember him. “Billy Jean” remains on my iPod playlist, and “The Way You Make Me Feel” was played at my bar mitzvah – a hit among the conservative Jewish crowd at the kosher Chinese restaurant, which I think is proof of how far-reaching Michael’s appeal was.

As I was headed for vacay at the moment I heard, I was wearing my MIA Suri Beaded Wedges – but I’m glad that these cork-covered sandals were what was clothing my feet at that moment in history. They attract attention, and do so with a pop of color and a slightly off-center vibe. Just like the king of pop, who while often not understood, will always be remembered.


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