Farrah was Fab from her Head to her Feet

Lots has already been said about the passing of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. Together they go, hand-in-hand to the great beyond, leaving behind a sequinned glove and a set of perfectly-frosted wings (the hair kind, not the angel kind). Likely much more will be said in the coming weeks about the fashion legacy of this pair: Michael’s military look, the white socks, the brimmed hats. And Farrah’s hair. Always the hair. Like Style.com writes, “The feathered blond hair, that smile, those tawny limbs.”


But what of the rest of Farrah’s look? She was so quintessentially 70s, what with the one-piece bathing suits, the spandex disco cat suits, the crisp nautical stripes and the breezy beachy cotton tops and faded jeans. In fact, she did 70s so well that she didn’t really ever need to update her look: Instead of becoming dated (as the trend-followers do) she became an icon.

But what of her shoes? Turns out Farrah got those exactly right, too. here’s what she wore, and how to emulate her look:

1. The disco sandal

Blogger Think Thru Fashion posted a tribute to Farrah’s look (click the link to view it).


Sky-high heels, lotsa thin straps. She was boogie nights 24/7, pairing these sandals not just with the unitard (hopefully the bike is just a prop) but also with the belted, full-skirted dresses she rocked on Charlie’s Angels.

But what of her shoes? Turns out Farrah got those exactly right, too. here’s what she wore, and how to emulate her look:

Bring back Saturday Night Fever with the Women’s Dream slingback from Carlos Santana’s line.

Women's Dream by Santana

Women's Dream by Santana

2. The classic trainer

Farrah’s Angels character Jill Monroe wasn’t just a pretty face. Sure, she flipped her hair a lot, but she also packed heat and rode a skateboard. This famous shot inspired the Farrah Skateboard company whose mission statement reads: “Farrah Skateboards is all about you. The girl who feels her hottest on her board.” Even if you’re not a skate rat, take note of the narrow-toed Nikes. Classic 70s, right?


Yes, somehow re-invisioned in the mesh and leather of the Nike Air Match the same look is totally modern.

Nike Air Match

3. The espadrille wedge

Finally, that always casually-stylish, beachy, nature-girl-meets-socialite wedge. In the picture at the top of this post, Farrah pairs her espadrilles with high-waisted, wide-leg jeans (another trend that’s made its way back around). Recreate the timeless look with an updated take, like the Kenneth Cole Fire Drille.

Fire Drilles from Kenneth Cole

Fire Drilles from Kenneth Cole


2 Responses to “Farrah was Fab from her Head to her Feet”

  1. June 29, 2009 at 11:53 pm

    that bike picture is ah-ma-zing.

  2. 2 Elizabeth Riley
    July 1, 2009 at 1:18 am

    Surprisingly enough, I think we might be able to do an Michael Jackson roundup, too. Fun, but quite scary.

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