Ultimate Shoe Test: Dancing

If shoes had an enemy, it’d be dancing. We’re all painfully aware of what cutting-it-loose does to our feet, and yet we continue to damage our soles all in the name of disco. This dilemma even led to the creation of Rollasoles, as reported last week on Shoetube. But if you don’t live anywhere near London, Los Angeles or New York, blisters and scabs will forever pester you every time you bust a move.

Until recently, my motto was—like most girls—beauty is pain. That is, until I met Report Signature‘s Tocai platform heel. I’d had a casual night out with Tocai roughly a month ago as she escorted me to a  going-away bash in Uptown. The highlight of my night was being yelled at by one of Chicago’s finest, “Hey, hey you! Can you run in those heels?” As his partner sped the cop car away in embarrassment, I only thought to scream back, “Only if I have to!” A memorable experience, yes, but the Tocai and I didn’t bond that night.

Report Signature's Tocai, available through eModa.com

Report Signature's Tocai, available through eModa.com

We did however, form a lasting relationship at my friend Whitney’s wedding two weekends ago at the Chicago Botanic Garden. And it wasn’t just any relationship—it was a dance relationship. A wedding is one of those occasions where you’re expected to look fierce despite the impending dance floor that awaits you. I decided to go with a silk blue cocktail dress and took my chances by pairing it with the Tocai in coral.

I’ll admit the 5-inch heel took some getting used to, but not once during “Sweet Caroline” or “Hey Ya” did my feet cry out to the heavens begging for an amputation. And even after all the dancing, I still managed to flaunt my stuff at the after-party. If dancing were the ultimate test of a shoe’s worthiness—and we all know that it is—the Tocai would pass with flying colors.

And with that, I think dance floors should be mandatory in all shoe stores. Who’s with me?

Report Signature's Tocai, available through eModa.com

Report Signature's Tocai, available through eModa.com


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