Tess Tuesday: My Foot Hates Me

plantar-fasciitis-287x300I used to be (slash think I still am) an athlete. Thus, a mindless (and virtually sweat-less) 3 hour stroll through a nearby park this past weekend seemed entirely harmless. No aches, pains, or heaving inhalations. Why then, did I wake up the following morning unable to put pressure on my left foot? Two long disgusting painful words: Plantar Fasichitis. It feels as bad as it sounds and looks. This picture only slightly captures the burning aching stabbing pains running up and down my arch. Yikes.

Turns out I have somehow contracted this sharp debilitating foot pain syndrome due to lack of arch support in my new running shoes. Grrr. What’s worse – the only remedy for the constant shooting pain with every slight pressure on my left heel is to stretch out the facsia in my heel (by stretch I mean push – yes, activating the excruciating pains – trying to loosen up the tissue under my spasming foot) and sleep with my foot in a 90 degree boot (actually a pretty cool invention – designed to keep your foot flexed through the duration of the night, again, to stretch the cramping tissue). Awful. Then, to add more insult to injury – the heel inserts that somewhat reduce the stabbing pains line the bottom inner sole of your shoes – peeking out in my lowest cut flats and totally exposed in my new summer thongs! The shoe gods must be mad at me.

corsocomocampusblk013So, I lay here sulking, wishing someone would make a nice platform wedge or gladiator thong with this innovative Plantar Faschitis-friendly 90 degree action and heel/arch support built right in. Until then, I can only dream of the day when my heel will forgive me long enough to let me stroll down the street in Barefoot Tess’s new Corso Como ‘Campus’ heel.

Maybe this is nature’s way of slowing down my shoe purchases. A sort of intervention on my spenditure and forced reflection on my addiction by way of foot injury… If so, it’s working.

Check out Barefoot Tess for today’s special deal – that is if your heel doesn’t hate you and you can enjoy the fabulous shoes at great prices…


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