Leopard Prints for Landlubbers

Lordy loo, after a morning of T-Pain impressions and arhythmic announcements of  “I’m on a boat!”, we finally headed out to Dock 13 at the marina. Having only packed my MBTs and a pair of swashbuckling boots that I latched onto in Rome (hmmm… haven’t written a post about them yet.) for this trip to San Francisco, I found myself in a pickle.

Boat's eye view of the new leg of the Bay Bridge

Boat's eye view of the new leg of the Bay Bridge

While the pirate boots definately add a dash of sass to this landlubber’s adventures, it seemed ironically unwise to subject their lovely leather to salty splashes. On the other hand, the thought of riding the waves on a 38 foot cutter while wearing my MBT’s rounded soles was laughable.

So, when Tim and Brandi stopped for some last minute supplies at a nearby Rite-Aid, I scanned the shelves for a suitable alternative. I expected to spot some inexpensive sneakers in there. After dashing down several aisles stocked with everything from glow in the dark nail polish to citronella candles, my hope began to ebb away. Just when I thought that the Fitness Footwear Guru had been foiled, these cushy slippers caught my eye.

My $6 solution

My $6 solution

Go ahead and giggle. I know that these are not standard issue sailing shoes but their gripping rubber soles actually stabilized me once we started cruising around the bay at a 45 degree angle. They are machine washable too so they won’t get scratchy from all the salt and sand. In fact, they were a silly but sensible $6 solution.


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