Confessions of a Sports-Newbie

Does everyone remember that scene from Confessions of a Shopaholic when Rebecca has to do her first assignment as a finance columnist and resorts to Google-ing the word “finance”?

Well, this weekend, I saw my very first soccer match, and I think I may have been emulating my green-scarved silver-screen-twin.

I had a pretty jet-set weekend–Nutrilite, a nutritional supplement brand, flew me and a few other journalists out to Long Beach to meet with their nutritionists and tour their facility. It was super fun, and entirely whirlwind – I was there for less than two days!–but it was capped off with the most whirlwind part of all.

See, Nutrilite is the brand sponsor of AC Milan, one of the biggest things to happen to soccer since Pele – and that night, they were playing LA Galaxy. We were invited to not only attend the game – but have a meet and greet with the team, and then watch them play from a VIP Hospitality Suite.

So, here’s the problem – I may be an ass-kicking take-no-prisoners blogger when it comes to beauty and fashion, but I don’t know anything about soccer. Anything at all.

And I was about to sit and chat with one of the most famous teams in the world…who just happened to be a bunch of incredibly well-fit sexy Italian men. Le sigh.

And so I did the only thing I could do. I Googled.

honestwedgesBy doing so, I learned the basics: You don’t touch the ball. And you kick it. It’s sort of like football. But not. However, it’s actually called football (or futball?) in many places. Oh, and the players are supposed to be the fittest men in the world.

The only thing left to decide was…what to wear.

I know that sports-minded people tend to be sort of casual – but this is a team sponsored by Dolce & Gabbana – and they are European – I obviously couldn’t appear to meet them in flip flops.

I ended up going with my Betsey Johnson Honest Cork Wedges. With their layers of studded fringe over the vamp with tasseled bow, they are frisky and flirty – exactly what I wanted to convey to said sexy fit Italian men. But they are also California casual- exactly what I would imagine one may wear to a summer evening soccer match.

The game ended up tied – I hear, an accomplishment for any American team vs. a European one, and the team, while very nice, actually didn’t speak much English, so they had no idea how clueless I was. I think I did catch a few nodding at my toes though…

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