Yoga Paws Full Throttle Walk and Roll Report

 As I promised yesterday, here is my Full Throttle Walk and Roll Report on Yoga-Syz’s recently revamped Yoga Paws, the Asana 1. After a month of straddling performances on both coasts, they have withstood everything from scalding hot outdoor stages to sleek indoor studios.

Yoga Paws in practice

Yoga Paws in practice

Favorite things about them: 1. Oh, these puppies are so much easier to transport than a mat when traipsing across the country for rehearsals (or vacation or business, I guess). After all, you will desire space in your suitcase if a close friend surprises you with a sumptuous knitted hat from Laku! (Thank you, thank you, thank you, Molly!). 2. Thanks to an orange terry lining that absorbs oils and perspiration, they give you a great grip on the ground even if your workout starts to get sweaty. 3. Their supple, eco-friendly exterior will not off gas odd odors or scuff light colored floors. 
Activities to avoid: 1. Twisting through your hands or feet. After only a few sharp pivets, I had significantly scarred their soft gray soles. 2. Using them on loose soil or sand. Irritating bits of sediment can get enmeshed between the layers and the paws require a flat, firm surface to stabilize your movements. 3.  Shaking hands with people at the end practice while wearing them. You might as well offer them your foot at that point.
Warning: 1. Yoga Paws run small. I used the sizing chart from their website but even after repeated uses, they still are too snug. 2. The foot thongs do not allow enough space for those of us with buxom toe joints or bunions. 

Overall impression:  If you suffer from teflon toes (like Caitlin Meehan, one of my favorite dancers in the Boston area), snag a pair of these sandals for support. They are an amazing asset for anyone who wants to get stuck. Keep in mind that they are made of all synthetic materials and will not stretch as much as leather workout wear. When they arrive, if you discover that you did not decipher the sizing chart correctly, do not hesitate to send them back for the next size up.


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