Slipping Into My First Ferrari

You may remember that in a recent post, I alluded to something sublime…alley

Well, given the country’s shape, I should have known what I was getting into when I boarded the plane for Rome. Even though I had left my Italian to English dictionary lying on the bed in Boston, I managed to fulfill my desire in a rather fashionable alley. Of course, it never would have happened without a few insider’s tips from Sylvie, the owner of Maria-Rosa Guesthouse. Thanks to her expert advice, my embarrassing quest finally reached its climax.

Naturally, I was anxious as I awkwardly gesticulated to the distinguished man working the door. He nodded and smiled without uttering a word. He knew exactly what wooed me from the window. Yum. Now why didn’t this bit of eye candy have a cameo in Pirates of the Carribean? I was shocked as my foot slid in and then I sucked my breath in as my calf  followed. Talk about a lucky day!
bootsOh wait, you knew I was talking about boots, right? Mama Mia! Merciful Flying Spaghetti Monster, where is your mind?

Trust me, my excitement was warranted. After over a year of searching, there was only one pair of these handmade swashbuckling kicks by Laura Ferrari left and they laced up my legs perfectly. Did I mention that they were on sale for 60% off? And, I can assure you that getting lost on cobblestone streets has never been so comfortably chic.


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